Fiddle Leaf Fig


About Your Plant: Fiddle Figs can come in tree form, or more bush like form. Fiddle Leaf Trees have leaves toward the top of their stalks, where Fiddle Leaf Bushes are more full and have leaves throughout.

Light: Bright, indirect light to medium direct. South facing windows are a plus.

Water: If the first two-three inches of your soil is dry, it’s time to water. Consistency is crucial, so even going for the same amount of water, every time, same time each week, is a helpful rhythm to keep.

Humidity: Fiddles thrive in humidity. Mist regularly, and if possible, bring into the bathroom once a week when a shower is running to add a bit more humidity. Add a humidifier to the room the Fiddle Fig is in if your environment is particularly dry.

James Fry